The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is about a orphan named Mary Lennox who moves into her uncle’s mansion. Mary is a nine-year-old girl who is on the tad spoiled and demanding side. At her uncle’s mansion she discovers their garden as well as another boy (her cousin) named Colin. Mary has met her match with Colin, he is even more difficult than her. Colin has been sheltered his whole life, as he is very ill….well at least that is what he was told and his father can’t stand to look at him because he blames is son for his wife’s death. The two learn from each other and they grow along with the beautiful garden where they spend a lot of their time in.

This story is about overcoming obstacles and you watch these young children grow right before your eyes. This story teaches about the wonders of exploring and repairing what is broken. This is a happy story about learning to think less about yourself and more about all the beautiful things (and people) that nature and this world has to offer. I would recommend this book to children 9 and older. The book has also been turned into a movie for your viewing pleasures.


Introduction and About the Author

Lesson Plan Idead

Vocabulary From the Text


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