The Name Jar

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi is about a young girl named Unhei who moved form Korea and is just starting school in America. Unhei is afraid the kids won’t like her and will make fun of her name, especially since most can’t pronounce it. When she introduces herself to her new class she doesn’t tell them her name and instead tells them she will pick a name next week. The class then comes together to help Unhei pick a name. They all give suggestions and put it in a jar for her to pick. When one of her classmate finds out her real name he doesn’t want her to change it. When it is time for Unhei to pick a name the jar is missing, what will she tell them her name is?

This book teaches about tolerance, acceptance, and staying true to who you are. I would recommend this book to all children 4 and older.


Guide for Philosophical Discussion Questions

Discussion Guide and Activities


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