Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor is a winner of the Newbery Medal,  a New York Times Book Review Best of Children’s Book, and a National Book Award Nominee. This book is about Cassie and her family as they endure prejudice, racism, and injustice. Cassie and her family fight to keep everything they have, including their beliefs and their rights. This book also has two other equals and a prequel.

This book is about racism, injustice, and the Great Depression. The heart-wrenching and accurate accounts of real acts of racism that occurred during this time period are evident throughout this text. This is an excellent example of the profound racism that occurred and is very eye-opening to children. I would recommend this story to children 11 and older because there is frequent and graphic violence and even death, however these events really did occur and I think it is important children know this. I think this is a great story for children of all races and backgrounds because even though it is heartbreaking to read, it explains a very important time in America’s history and something we should never forget!


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