Knuffle Bunny Too

A sequel to Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, which reached the number one spot on the New York Times Bestseller list for children’s book, Knuffle Bunny Too is by renowned author Mo Willems. This book is beautifully written in a creative way that is sure to catch children’s attention. With a mix of animations and real black-and-white photography, this story is about Trixie and her favorite stuffed animal who gets mixed up into the wrong hands. Another girl in her class has a very similar stuffed animal and their teacher accidentally gives the wrong ones back to the girls. What does this mean for her poor Knuffle Bunny? Will the girls find a common ground with their love for their stuffed animals?

This book is great for children of all ages but can be especially appealing to children around 4. I would also recommend this to children who also treasure a favorite teddy or doll as they will be able to relate to Trixie’s profound love for her Knuffle Bunny. This story about love is a captivating tale with incredible illustrations with such detail that the more you look at the pages, the more you fall in love with everything Knuffle Bunny.



Author Mo William’s Website

Lesson Plan and Teaching Resources

Guide to Reading Together


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