Coraline (2002) by Neil Gaiman, is about a young girl named Coraline who is often bored because her parents are always working and she finds herself wishing she had parents who cared about her more. To keep herself busy, Coraline enjoys to go on adventures and explore her new home and there is one room in her flat that she has not been able to open, until her mom unlocks it to show her it is only a brick wall, at least that’s what Coraline thought at first. Later she goes back to the door by herself and discovers that the brick wall is no longer there and instead it leads to a flat that looks just like hers, well almost, even her ‘other parents’ are there except they have buttons for eyes. Everything seems great in this alternative world at first, until her other parents tell her to stay forever, this frightens Coraline and she quickly returns home. Once Coraline is back home she realizes her parents are no longer there and they are in trouble, they have been captured by her ‘other mother’ and she must go back to that dark world and save her parents from that evil and horrible woman and her nasty tricks to prevent her from ever going home again.

I would recommend this story to children with an active imagination, and who can handle stories that are a little darker/creepy. I would recommend it to children ages 8-years-old and older as long as parents know that this story is kind of creepy and they might not want to recommend it to children who are a little more sensitive, or at least be willing to talk to them about it in case they get scared. I would also recommend this story to young girls because it is very empowering as Coraline is very brave and independent and not afraid of anything. She is also very determined and will do anything she sets her mind to. This book was also made into a movie to enhance the story even more.


Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Teaching Coraline


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