A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, is based off a true story. The book follows two characters. The main character is based on the real life story of Salva. It starts out when he was 11-years old in Sudan, and it follows him on his journey as a ‘lost boy’ escaping the war that broke out in his home. Salva had to escape through Africa on foot and leave his family behind. Starting in 1985, you follow him for the next 23-years as he makes a long and heartbreaking journey to survive and try to find his family. The other story is based in more of the present day, or 2008, and is of a girl named Nya who explains the struggle she has to go through to get water for her family every day.

It’s incredible to read all that these characters have gone through, especially Salva. But even after all they endured they didn’t let it break them, but instead they used it to empower them and make them stronger which is such a beautiful thing. This story is about strength, endurance, and never giving up. It also teaches its readers that you can’t let your misfortunes and devastations take you down, you can make something good come out of all the bad that has happened to you and I think this is an amazing lesson for students of all ages to learn. I would recommend this story to those who like a heartwarming story about triumph and hope and never giving up, especially to those that like to read about strong and determined characters. This story is however a little graphic and scary at times and might not be for those who are more sensitive to sad and gory events. Because of some of the graphic and horrific events I would recommend this story to those 11-years and older.


Author’s Website with Discussion Guide, Book Trailer and More

Get Involved in the Real Cause This Book Inspires

Meet Salva


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