Sold, by Patricia McCormick was published by Hyperion in 2006. This book, written in verse, tells the story of Lakshmi, a teenage girl from Nepal who was sold into sexual slavery. This heartbreaking and eye-opening story shows the devastating realities that too many young girls face across the world. Lakshmi’s will to survive even though she endures unimaginable pain is truly inspiring and leaves you with a feeling of hope.

I would recommend this story to those 14 and older as it is very graphic. I think this story is very eye-opening and important for people to realize that Lakshmi’s story is unfortunately a reality for too many young girls, something that I believe is important to be aware of. Even though this story was hard to read I felt it was a very important message and something that more people should be made aware if something is every going to be done to help save young girls like Lakshmi from enduring such tragedies.


Trafficking Lesson Plan

Meet the Author and Movie Trailer


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